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Cleanliness Meets Friendliness

July 09, 2024

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The first time we walked into the laundromat that is now Top Laundry, we noticed a few things. I think the first thing was how fresh and clean the place seemed to be. No musty smells, clean machines and clean floors, no crusty detergent compartments on the machines like we had seen in some of the other stores we visited. Just an overall clean and comfortable environment.   

The next thing we noticed was the friendly and helpful attitude of the attendant. We didn’t need much help, but she made sure to let us know if we had any questions or needed anything, she was there to help. We saw her having friendly conversations with other customers and offering all kinds of helpful tips in the process.  

That experience made it clear to us that we would love to be involved with this business. We have been passionate about the idea that kindness is contagious, and we want to be positive and show kindness and appreciation for anyone we interact with throughout the day. We would love to own a business where we could practice that every day and hopefully make a positive impact on so many people.   

We eventually purchased the business and were blessed with a team of employees who feel the same way. For them, kindness and helpfulness just come naturally! They also have years of experience that they use to benefit our customers in so many ways.   

We also wanted to have a place where people can be comfortable, and all the machines work, and they are efficient and effective, so people don’t have to spend more time doing their laundry than is necessary (unless they want to). So, we gave the place a little facelift, updated the décor and invested in a bunch of new equipment.   

We want to able to serve people in as many ways as we can, so at Top Laundry you can do your own laundry or you can drop it off and have us do it for you or you can have us come right to your house and pick up your dirty laundry and we’ll bring it back to your doorstep, cleaned and folded and ready to be put away!  

We recently started using the tag line – “Where cleanliness meets friendliness”. Everything we do centers around those two qualities. From clean facilities and clean clothes to doing our best to make sure that you have a warm and friendly, positive experience with us. It comes down to treating others the way we would like to be treated and providing the kind of service that lets people know that they are valued as customers and as people. We always appreciate those businesses that treat us with kindness and show that they actually care about providing good service. We’re hoping those values matter to you as well!   

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