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How to make your clothes last longer with Top Laundry

June 26, 2023

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There are ways to make your laundry last longer. And fortunately for you the launderers at Top Laundry know these tricks of the trade. We can take the proper steps to make your clothes last longer and stay bright.

1. Pretreat stains whenever you can. You may not have any stain remover in your desk at work but at soon as you get home get some stain remover on that stain. Make sure to point out the stain to your launderer. 

2. Don't use too much detergent. When you use too much it will leave a residue on your clothes. This residue makes your clothes feel stiff and no longer feel as soft as when they were new. The launderers at Top Laundry are professionals and know the right measurements of detergent.

3. Turn your dark clothes over to us inside out. When your clothes rub together in the washer they start to fade. When you wash them inside out the interior surface fades instead. 

4. Unless your clothes are exceptionally dirty using a shorter cycle is best for your clothes. A shorter cycle will minimize the number of spins and the wear and tear on your clothes.

5. Use cold water whenever possible. Cold water is less abrasive than hot water, which can cause shrinking and stretching. And cold water, unlike hot water, won’t fade your clothes. If you want a cold water wash, just let us know.

6. Dry your clothes with low heat. Only towels and heavy clothes like jeans really need the regular cycle. Again, less heat means less shrinkage and damage to your clothing.

Top Laundry is an expert at laundry. When you use our wash and fold service we can make your laundry last longer!

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