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How to Care for Your Brand-New Clothes

January 02, 2024

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The holiday season is officially over and hopefully you got to share in the joy of giving and receiving some gifts. If you received some new clothes as gifts this year, you may be wondering how to best care for them.  

One of the biggest questions is whether or not to wash new clothes before wearing them. The short answer is yes. Clothing is often handled by many different people before it comes home with you. Also, clothing is often treated with preservative chemicals to keep them in good condition while in storage and in all kinds of shipping conditions. Your body may be sensitive to these chemicals and some of the different dyes that are used. It’s a good idea to wash those away before you wear your new clothes.  

Here are some laundering guidelines for new clothing. 

Remove all tags- 

Remove all the tags and set them aside in case you want to return them later. Check the clothes carefully for security tags or even stickers. Security tags can be hidden behind pockets or other areas of fabric. Make sure to get all the little plastic ties or clips. 

Check the care label-  

Before washing anything, carefully read the washing instructions on the care label. This will provide guidance for exactly how to care for the garment. Always make sure to stick to the recommendations. Never use a hotter setting than the label suggests. 

Wash similar colors together- 

New clothes are more likely to transfer dye than worn clothes, so don’t put your new darks in with whites or light colors. Cotton, wool and silk are more likely to leach dye than synthetic materials like polyester, nylon and acrylic. Wash clothes of these materials separately and according to label instructions. Use gentle cycle and cold water whenever possible when washing brand new clothes. 

Before you load the machine- 

If you’re washing brand new clothes that are colored along with other clothes (new or old), turn the new items inside out. This will help prevent the dye from running and will reduce the chances of staining your other clothes. Zip up zippers and unbutton buttons. 

Loading the machine- 

Be careful not to overload the machine. Whether you’re washing clothes that are all brand new or old clothes along with new clothes, you will need to separate them into appropriate categories. These categories are determined by the information on the care label. Typically, you would not wash brand new dark colors with light colors or with delicate items that should be washed separately. 


Today’s high efficiency machines make it possible to use less water and less detergent to achieve better results. Avoid the temptation to use too much detergent! 

Select the proper cycle- 

The care label is your best guide to selecting the right cycle. Regular cycle is generally fine for durable clothes like jeans and socks while the gentle/delicate cycle is generally used for things like women’s lingerie, sweaters and other items that could be damaged with rough handling. Check the label to be sure! 

Remove clothes as soon as possible- 

Brand new, wet clothing is most likely to color bleed so it is best to remove it from the washing machine as soon as the cycle is finished to avoid staining your other clothes.  

Top Laundry is here to assist you in any way we can. Our friendly attendants can guide you while you’re in the store or we can take care of your new clothes for you when you drop them off for us. Either way we want to help you care for all your clothes so you can enjoy them for as long as possible! 

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