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So Much to Do…So Little Time!

December 08, 2023

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To say the world has changed in the recent years would be an understatement! The internet, smart phones and Amazon have truly changed the way most of us manage our lives. We can shop, purchase, and have products delivered to our door without ever leaving our chair--sometimes delivered in the same day! We have the oil changed in our car in less than 15 minutes on the way home from work and we can get a ride from just about anywhere to just about anywhere within just a few minutes. 

That trend is starting to penetrate into more and more areas of our lives. It’s not just pizza places that deliver food to your door anymore. You can get just about anything your heart desires. So how about your laundry? It’s one of the most hated chores we have to do, and we all have to do it somehow, some way. But the laundromat industry is changing too. At Top Laundry we are offering more and more ways to make this dreaded chore quick, easy and painless!  

With our wash and fold service you can drop off your laundry in less than 5 minutes! When you pick up your clean laundry it’s clean and dry and professionally folded, ready to be put away in just a couple of minutes when you get home! Think of the time and energy you could save and avoid the weight of the obligation of washing, drying and folding all your laundry every time it needs to be done. It never ends!! 

Soon Top Laundry will offer pick-up and delivery service to Waterford, Clarkston, White Lake and other neighboring communities! You’ll be able to schedule your pick-up and delivery right on your phone in just a couple minutes through our website. An affordable, convenient way to eliminate this chore and free up a little more time in your busy life to do more of the things you would rather be doing. You don’t have to change the oil in your own car, and you don’t have to do your own laundry. Leave the laundry to us and spend that time doing something you enjoy!  

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